Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The ALMOST Big Surprise

We have been telling Jordan and James about Bailey's Prime in Ft. Worth for about a year. It is a great place for special occasions. It looks a little like Las Vegas inside.

They went on Monday night and loved it. They were telling us how great the food was and how their waiter was so good and so much fun. Little did I know at the time, they were making arrangements for a surprise for my birthday with their waiter and the manager.

Pops made reservations for us at Bailey's for Saturday night. Jordan and James gave the manager their credit card number to pay for our dinner. Bailey's was going to have a special menu with our names on it and some other little surprises. J & J were so excited about the night they could hardly contain themselves all week.

Saturday night, we went to church and to Bailey's. As we were checking in with our reservation, we ran into some old friends that we had not seen in several years. They invited us to sit at their table. The manager was thrilled because it gave them an extra table on a busy night. The manager added us to the Neir's reservation and cancelled ours on their computer system. Unfortunately, when they cancelled our reservation, they cancelled all of Jordan and James' surprises.

While we were at dinner, Jordan sent me a text about an upcoming movie and I answered her back. I know she was expecting an excited text back from me about my wonderful surprise dinner, and it didn't happen.

When we came home, Jordan and James greeted us and asked how our dinner was. We told them we ran into our friends and had dinner with them, and she said, "Is that all?" After that, she burst into tears. I was scared to death because I thought she was getting ready to tell us some horrible news. She shared with us all of the big surprises she had planned that never happened. She was so excited about all she had planned and she was so upset and disappointed!

I was really excited because she had planned so many neat things for me, and I was also GREATLY excited because she didn't have some horrible devastating news for me. I do understand how disappointed she was, but it was all so special to me even if it didn't happen.

Thank you Jordan for being so sweet and thoughtful to me and working so hard on the birthday surprise . . . that wasn't. I am smiling as I write this!

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