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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Since I was little, I have always wanted a swimming pool.  I love the water.  There was a little bit of time, I thought my parents might build one, and then that went away.  When we moved into our house, almost 26 years ago, we said it had the perfect yard for a pool.

For 25 years, we have been thinking and talking about this pool.  For many years, we couldn't afford it.  My first goal was to pay off the house.  Then, I wanted all of the kids out of college and on their own.  Then I put it off because I had grand plans in my head.  The grand plans would make the pool cost more than the house.

A year ago this week, my niece Ashley told me they were building a pool.  She showed me pictures, and I was SO jealous.  I told her how badly we wanted one.  She said she came to the realization that she wanted one and knew they would enjoy it and that she would build want she could afford and be happy with it.

Those words stuck with me.  I knew we would enjoy it and the grandchildren would enjoy it and we just needed to DO IT!  I called the pool company the next day and got the ball rolling.  We chose Pulliam Pools and did not get any other estimates.  The sales rep was great and we had known his family for years.  He patiently sat with me while I told him everything I wanted and we came up with the perfect design.  He was so good about my tweeks and changes!

We had to get an electrical line moved and that took a long time.  Digging day was June 3rd.  We started filling it with water on July 3rd, which happened to be the 25th anniversary of the week we moved into our house.

We did not landscape because it was August by the time we got everything (fence, etc.) finished and with the 100+ degree summer, we decided to wait until this Spring.

We are SO very thankful!  We have had so much fun hanging out with the kids, grandchildren, cousins and friends.  We feel like we added a bunch of square footage to our house.

Before the dig.  Marked and ready to go.

Dig day.  Oh what a mess!  Our friends, Matt and Missy needed a bunch of dirt for their backyard.  Matt used to live next door to us growing up.  We sent 5 loads of dirt to their house.  Gave them a little piece of the neighborhood for their new home.

The girls had fun playing in the dirt.

 Waiting for water.

The fill has begun!  We actually got in it with about 3 feet of water for our first swim.

The kids didn't waste anytime swimming.

Swimming with lots of cousins.  What fun!!  Can't wait for this summer.

Stay tuned for post landscape pictures.

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