Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer Safety

One of my philosophies about life is that one of the reasons that God allows us to go through tough times is to help others down the road. I recently reread one of the blogs I read and I felt compelled to post it on my blog. If one child can be saved, it is worth it.

If you are interested in blog reading, this is a good one. Annie is a great writer and has shared all that her family has gone through.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Remington's Seafood Grill

Last night, we went to Remington's Seafood Grill in Addison with the Wades ,for our monthly dinner. Although Remington's has been around for 25 years, I have never heard of it.

It is hard to find a seafood restaurant that is just plain old seafood without Asian fusion or something fancy. Remington's is just that.

We were starving by the time we sat down and I was very disappointed when the waiter brought the bread. It was cold bread that didn't have much taste at all. Since I am a bread lover, the bread is always important to me. Remington's quickly redeemed itself when the gumbo came. It was pure seafood, no rice or filler. I ordered the Caesar salad and it was one of the best that I have ever had. It had homemade croutons and lots of Parmesan cheese.

I decided to order the crab cakes since the menu said they were "Dallas' best homemade crab cakes." There was no filler, but I am not sure that it was all crab. It tasted like a little crab mixed with some type of fish. They were a little on the bland side. I had a baked potato and it was great. Pops had the stuffed flounder with lobster sauce. I didn't taste it, but I think I would have liked it better than the crab cakes.

We were too full to try dessert, but the flourless chocolate cake sounded really good along with the Key Lime Pie. I would definitely give Remington's another try. Note to Remington's: Get some better bread. There are plenty of bakeries around that can fix you up,

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another One Bites The Dust

Pops and I have a phrase we sometimes use as we are leaving a restaurant. It is, "That was our two trips, first and last". I said that as we were walking out the door at Uncle Julio's tonight and he said he was thinking the same thing.

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. I want great. Justin told us that he thought the fajitas were better than Pappasito's, which is our absolute favorite (beef only, not chicken). Since we like to try it all, we ordered the dinner that had beef fajitas, ribs and stuffed shrimp. It came with rice, beans, pico and guacamole. It was all just okay.

One of these days I might go back and try the Tex Mex, but it will be a while. The crowds are pretty crazy. We had a 45 minute wait on a Thursday night at 6:45. Definitely not worth the wait.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Red Brick Pizza - Colleyville

We tried a new restaurant last night. I thought it was good, but Pops was comparing it to Palio's and there it didn't quite measure up. Red Brick Pizza has been open for about a month.

The atmosphere is your typical "fast food" decor. You order at the counter and they bring it to your table. A plus at the table is that each table has a flat screen TV with a remote control. I am not one to eat out alone, but with the TV it would make me comfortable.

We ordered the "chopped Caesar salad and the "meat works" pizza. I thought the salad was great. Really good croutons and dressing. My only disappointment was that the lettuce was not chopped as described. Other than that, it was great.

The pizza had a pretty good crust and the topping were above average. At some restaurants, when you order sausage or hamburger, it tastes like half meat, half filler. This was not the case, genuine meat.

We ordered the salad for 1 and large pizza, but ended up bringing home 1/2 of it. I would go back again. They had Gelato Italian ice cream, but we didn't try it.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Old Favorites We Miss

Pops and I started dating when we were 15. One of our biggest sources of entertainment was eating out (and it still is)! Once Pops got his license, we usually went to one of four places; Pulido's, Pancho's, Pizza Inn and The Golden Greek. They were all in Arlington.

Of those, the only one I miss is The Golden Greek. It was a diner type restaurant with the absolute best food. After all these years, I can still remember what it tasted like. They had the best salads. The blue cheese dressing was homemade and they had the absolute best garlicky croutons. The chicken fried steak was so good. It also had a lot of garlic seasoning. I can even remember our favorite waitress - Betty.

I also miss Water Street Seafood. They had the best dish, "Crawfish Chicken." It was a blackened chicken breast, stuffed with jalapeno Jack cheese and shrimp with a creamy Crawfish and Andoullie Sausage sauce. They closed the Ft. Worth location a few years ago, but till have restaurants in San Antonio and Corpus Christi. 2 years ago we were in San Antonio and we went there twice and brought home "to go" orders. I have a couple of their recipes. I have the sauce for the chicken (very complicated) and the "Creamy Walnut Dressing."

I also miss Porche's. It was a Cajun restaurant in Ft. Worth. They had the best fried catfish nuggets, banana pudding and coconut cake. We also miss the owner, Tona and Rudy.

My most missed restaurant is Southern Kitchens. If you have never been there, you missed out. It was a nice restaurant, but it was all you can eat. Shrimp and Crab (minus the shells), chicken, homemade cinnamon rolls and more.

This is making me hungry. I am ready to eat dinner!