Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Al Biernats

One reason that I have not posted lately is because I have not really eaten any great food. Just the same old stuff. I need to have something exciting to write about.

Our 28th Wedding Anniversary was Friday and we decided to try something new. We went to Al Biernats. Everytime I pick up the newspaper, I always read about some sports star or celebrity in town eating there. We decided to give it a shot.

On a scale of 1 - 10, I would give it a 5. The bread was good. The waiter said they get their bread from Empire Baking Co. and Eatzies. There was some three chili cheese bread from Eatzies in the basket and it was good.

We had a shrimp cocktail that was good. The shrimp were huge. The sauce was just okay. Next we had a wedge salad with blue cheese and it was also okay. We both ordered fish specials. Mine was blacked grouper on top of corn risoto with lobster butter sauce and shrimp. The fish was too "steaky" for me. I like a moist flaky fish and this fish was too dry. Pops had a blackened shttp://www.blogger.com/jspellhtml/JSpell.jspnapper with crab on top that was served with linguine.

For dessert we had the coconut cream pie. It was also just okay. The cookie that was the garnish was really good. I may have just not gotten the right dish. I will give it another try.

I can't wait for dinner tonight. In a couple of hours, I will be eating at Hibiscus. Can't wait for the crab dip.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It Has Been A Long Time!!!!!

It has been so long since I have posted that I almost forgot how to do it. I started to post about 3 weeks ago some pictures from the pumpkin patch with the girls and had trouble download them, so I just gave up.

Don't worry. I have been eating in the past month that I have not posted. I thought you would want to know that since this blog is about restaurant reviews.

My eating did get slowed down just a big. Besides trying to get my sleeping issues taken care of, I had gallbladder issues. I self diagnosed gallbladder disease approximately 5 years ago. I have not had any problems in the past 2 years and then in the middle of September I had two severe attacks two days apart. I finally got worried enough to go to the doctor and get a real diagnosis and I was right. I had multiple stones. I decided to go ahead and get it out because I was worried about what would happen if I had an attack out of town (like Pop's did) and end up having emergency surgery.

I had the surgery on 10/27 and it was a breeze. I was home by 11 a.m. and rode in the car to Walmart and Starbucks Friday night. I went to the Pumpkin Patch Saturday morning and church and out to eat that night. Tuesday, the big infection came. It is about 75% healed now. I want it to be healed instantly and it is driving me crazy!!!!!! I had a small set back last weekend when I chose to wear jeans because I am so sick of my sweats. I have worn sweats since Sunday and I am hoping that will help.

We have not been to any new and exciting restaurants lately except about 10 days ago we went to Tampa and ate our way around. We had some good food at Bern's steakhouse and I had some good Stone Crab Claws at Charley's. Lets just say they were good until the check came. It was crab season in Florida and the waitress suggested I try them. When the bill came, my 6 (six) crab claws were $75.00. They were good, but not that good.

I will spend the next couple of days shopping and cooking for Thanksgiving. I found a really great dessert recipe if you are looking for something. It is Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake. It is a Paula Dean recipe and even thought I don't like Pumpkin, I loved it. Happy Thanksgiving.