Monday, May 16, 2011

Don't Look In My Closets!

Saturday evening, we went to church, and then out to dinner at San Miguel's on Crockett Street in Ft. Worth. If you ever read my blog, you know that is my new favorite spot in town. Jordan and Janelle were home when we left the house.

Jordan left next, through the front door. You have to pull and click our front door to make sure it is closed good. (That will be the key phrase to this story). Janelle left for a few minutes to go to the drive thru at McDonald's before she went out for the night. I wish I had a pictures of her. She does this quite often. Ratty shirt, 10 year old shorts and her hair freshly washed in a turban wrap towel.

When Janelle left, she set the alarm. That is one thing we got in the habit of doing several years ago. Even if I leave just to go to the post office, I set the alarm.

When Janelle came home (dressed beautifully), there was a police officer at our house. Then another, and then another. She walked around the house to talk to them, and they yelled, "Get back ma'am." Since I have been to the Citizen's Police Academy and have a police scanner, I know the drill.

When your monitored alarm goes off, the alarm company calls your house. If you do not answer and give them the correct password, they send the police to your house. When the police department dispatches the officers, they tell them the alarm is going off and give them the latest history at the residence, if there is one. Red Flag: We had a robbery at our house in December.

The police will walk around your house and make sure all the doors and windows are secure. When they checked, our front door was wide open. This has happened before when it is windy. If you don't shut it good, and someone goes out the back door, the suction that it creates in the house will open the door. Of course, the police have no way of knowing any of this.

The police have to assume, for your protection and for their protection, that someone has broken into your house through the front door and are possibly in the house.

Janelle got to wait outside in her "beautiful" attire and wait for the police to search the house. Since someone could be hiding anywhere, they had to search each room, and all of the places such as under the beds, closets, etc.

The downstairs of my house is usually immaculate, but my closets look like a bomb went off. After I got home and realized someone had been searching in my closets, I just about died. I am so thankful that Janelle was at the house and not me. I would have been humiliated! I hope I don't ever see the officer around town again. He has seen something that no one is ever allowed to see. I guess I could clean then out, but . . . no thanks, too much trouble!

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Janelle said...

Hilarious..but, not fun at the time when cops are telling me to put my hands up and stand on the corner and get away from my house!! hahah..glad they care enough to protect me :)

Jaunna said...

My grandparents door does the same thing, the back door (when opened) will cause the front door to open if it hadnt been shut good. The other day my Grandma took my daughter to VBS and when she did the alarm went off. She had *just* left so she was just sure that I had not shut the door well (I usually lock it too) when I left after dropping off my daughter that morning, so she told the alarm company the password and they disabled the alarm (!!) turns out she had been broken-into and a bunch of jewelry was stolen :(

Glad everything turned out ok!