Friday, January 26, 2007

Nothing Changes

I did not get any pictures of the girls today. The only time that they were perfectly coiffed, we were headed out the door for lunch. When we got home, I was exhausted and didn't have the energy to beg them for pictures. They went down for a nap instead.

I randomly started looking at old pictures and found this one. This is the way they are most of the time. Landrie is either on top of Karsyn or she has pulled Karsyn on top of her. They have so much fun together.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pictures for GiGi and Janelle

Since GiGi and Janelle live far away and don't get to see the girls, they rely on my blog for their "Landrie/Karsyn" fix daily. I have not taken a lot of picture lately and you can see why. I keep getting the same smile. This is the little girl who used to pose so good. Now all she wants to do is silly faces and as you can see, she is trying to teach Karsyn.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cowgirl Landrie

This week, at Landrie's preschool it is Western Week. Landrie is so excited. They made a horse out of a yardstick and tomorrow, all the kids will participate in the rodeo.

Gymboree recently had a cowboy line, Landrie has plenty to wear. I wanted to take her picture yesterday and she was not real crazy about it. This is the best I could do.

This morning she is having a real pity party. She has moped around this house several times saying she wants her GiGi and Grandpa. Earlier I took away a sharp letter opener and she was crying and saying she couldn't find her GiGi.

GiGi, I am glad you are coming for a visit. She really misses you!

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Sun is Shining

Today was a beautiful day. It has been cold, but the sun is shining and that makes all the difference in the world.

The first thing Landrie said to me when she got here this morning was, "I miss my GiGi". After she ate breakfast, she decided that she wanted to get on my bed and take pictures. She know that is the only reason she is allowed to sit on my bed. She got her beanies and posed with them.

I am still employed. They agreed to let me work only on day a weekend, so the girls will still get the benefit of my discount.

We are on the downside of the fast. Four more days. I never count the day I am on or the last day. I think we will make it. We are going to Luby's tonight. I'm afraid after this, we will never eat vegetables again. I think we are all feeling pretty good about it because we did it for Him. No one wanted to fail. There is a huge difference when you are doing for someone other than yourself.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Still Gloomy Outside

It is still cold and gloomy outside, but inside it is warm (thanks to the heating repair man that just left) and happy (thanks to this little girl and her sister).

I woke up this morning and the thermostat said 64 degrees and I knew we were in trouble. The repairman came pretty quick. They had to go to Ft. Worth to get a new motor and had it up and running by 12:00. Unfortunately it cost several hundred dollars. The good news is that we didn't need a whole new unit, but that was recommended. We replaced this unit in 1995, so I am hoping to get a few more years out of it. I hate repairs!!!

Tomorrow I get to work. Yeah. (NOT!!!!). I was going to give my 2 week notice last week end, but I got cancelled to work on Saturday and Sunday because of the weather. I am getting ready to retype it with tomorrow's date. It was fun for a little while, but it's not anymore. I am really dreading working this weekend. The discount is great, but not worth the work.

Well, enough of my griping. I have too many things to be thankful for to sound like this. I need to have an attitude of gratitude.

My fast will be over next Saturday and I am counting the days. Last night Pops had a reception at the Four Seasons Hotel and he wanted me to go with him. It was torture. The food looked soooooo good. Party food is my hardest to turn down. We didn't eat and then went to Boston Market for some vegetables. Saturday night we have a party and that will probably be my hardest night of the fast. That's okay because it is all worth it.