Monday, October 4, 2010

Way Too Long!!!

It has been way to long! The longer I wait to post, the more I procrastinate and it just goes on and on. So I have to start somewhere. So here I go.

We have been to a lot of new restaurants and really liked them. I have intended to blog about it, but it starts to get overwhelming and then I just say forget it. I have been trying to decide when the wheels came off. I think it started in April.

Since around the first of April, my volunteer job has gone crazy. My case was supposed to be winding down, and it ramped up instead. During the month of April, I was in court almost every week. It settled down in May and June and since the end of July, has is ramped up again. I thought today's hearing would be the end, but it is now scheduled for a trial. I have gotten so wrapped up in it that, writing about restaurants seems pretty trivial.

The end of April we had a water leak in our home. That lead to some remodeling that I didn't think was ever going to get started, and I really didn't think it was going to ever get finished, but it did. Around the first of September.

During that time, we took a couple of trips to the Lost Pines Resort in Bastrop, Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma and to Montreal. We were really disappointed in Montreal. The weather was supposed to be so cool, and they had a heat wave. I think it was hotter than Texas. There was one really neat street with lots of restaurants, but that was about the only thing that we liked. Between the heat and the language barrier, I couldn't wait to get out of there. I was so surprised about how heavy the French language is there. Most people spoke French only and most of the menus/signs were in French. Since I speak absolutely no French, after a few days, I was done!

That is what happened to my summer!

So I am just going to start with the new restaurants we tried and have liked along with a few old ones we have rediscovered.

Bailey's Prime Plus Steakhouse

Mellow Mushroom Pizza

Anna Mia's Mexican

J.R.'s Grill - Great hamburgers

Costa Vida

Fogata Mexican

Lava Grill - Lunch - Teriyaki

Saltgrass - Range Rattlers (I keep craving these)

Piranha Killer Sushi

I'll try to keep up better. We are going to the Brownstone tomorrow night, so I will start there. Promise!

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