Monday, July 12, 2010


Another great new discovery on Crockett Street (on the corner of Crockett and Currie) is the Brownstone. It is owned by Casey Thompson, who was a contestant on Top Chef, where she became well known.

The Brownstone has two concepts. One is to use locally grown produce and meats and the other concept is "small plates". You can order several smaller portions and get more of a variety.

We had a salad and three small plates. The salad was not your usual lettuce and dressing that Pops so loves. This salad had fresh okra, squash, turnips and other unidentifiable vegetables. Next time, we would probably skip the salad.

I will see if I can accurately describe what we had. First we had a small cast iron skillet that was filled with orange chicken. It was very spicy and sweet and oh so good. It was a little messy because it was on the bone. Next we had the "Grandmother's Biscuit Pan". It was three homemade biscuits with homemade venison sausage and of course homemade strawberry preserves. Really good. We then had what was called "Pork and Peppers". It was a piece of pork belly, baby bell peppers with homemade ricotta, Texas honey and jalapeno oil. Good but very rich.

I saw several other entrees that I would like to try next time. They had some larger plates for those who would prefer just a regular entree. Desserts looked good, but we were too full for anything else. Can't wait to go back.

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