Friday, July 16, 2010

Let's Have a Little Bit of Fun

I was just visiting over at Kelly's Korner, one of the regular blogs that I read. Kelly's latest post is another "Show Us Your Life". This week, Kelly is doing a little match making and is having "Show Us Your Single Boys or Girls".

I have a cute little single girl I am going to "offer up". All of the kids are married or have found a special significant other except for Janelle.

So, here is to mine and Kelly's matchmaking skills.

Here is the latest picture I have of her from her birthday, last week. She is with her favorite man.

The best word to describe her is she is FUN! Janelle is 23. She graduated from college in 2009 and she also has her Cosmetology License to do hair. She has a full time job at a local church. She is a strong Christian, so if you are looking for a party girl, you will have to look elsewhere, but she is guaranteed to give you a fun time.

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The Timbs Clan said...

I have a single 25yr old brother in law that is currently finishing his degree in PE education! Preston is the sweetest guy besides my husband that I have ever met!
He lives in Arkansas for he visits us alot here in Texas we are about an hour from the Dallas area!
Here is my email if you would like more info I can send u a pic that way!!

He would kill me if he knew I just did this!!LOL