Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I LOVE Crockett Street

We first discovered Crockett Street in Ft. Worth about 6 months ago. There was hardly anything open yet, but it looked like a really neat area. We ate at Tillman's, which was so disappointing, and we never gave it much thought again

Fast forward to about a month ago. After eating in Ft. Worth and killing some time, we went to Barnes & Noble. While there, I was reading a local magazine that gave a great review for Terra Mediterranean Grill. We drove by and were really impressed by the area. We decided to go to Terra's the following weekend.

The whole area has now filled up and is still filling up. Lots of new restaurants with outside patio's, movie theater, lots of lights and lots of people.

We ordered an appetizer of olives and feta cheese. I wasn't too crazy about it, but Pops loved it. We both ordered the Gyros. I thought it was going to be a sandwich. To our surprise, it was a huge plate of meat. We could have easily split it with plenty of leftovers. It was very good and so was the pita bread that was served with it.

It has a neat atmosphere. It looks like they have a lunch buffet during the week for around $10. That would be a great way to try a bunch of dishes that you wouldn't normally order. Definitely a place to try again.

On a side note, if you plan on going to the movies, buy your tickets in advance. We tried to see Grown Ups on a Saturday night. We went to get tickets about 45 minutes before the movie started and it was sold out. The ticket agent told us that most movies are sold out on the weekends. Buy in advance!

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Tamara said...

Terra's is my new favorite restaurant in that area! I tell everyone from out of town that stays downtown they must go there. You HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO go for lunch, it's a buffet, which usually would make me turn and leave but OMG!!!! you get to sample everything from their menu!!! Okay, did I say you HAVE to go at lunch during week days only.

Terra said...

Hey Lolly! Thanks for coming to see us and for writing such a nice review! We appreciate the positive feedback. And @Tamara, we really love your enthusiastic response! Hope to see you both back in soon!