Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maui - Last Day - Sad Day

Usually, when I go on a trip, three nights is the max. By then, I am ready to take a bath in my own bathtub and I am ready to sleep in my bed. This trip to Hawaii was not like that. On Sunday, I started getting sad about returning to the real world. I would love to make Hawaii my "real world". I couldn't live without my family close by, but I bet we could find some jobs for everyone there.

Our flight didn't leave until 7, so we had plenty of time to look around (and mourn). We decided to go check out the Wailea area. We were close to Wailea for the wedding, but we hadn't checked it all out. On a side note, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman and Adam Sandler were in Maui filming a new movie, "Just Go With It". I was instructed to "find them" by Jordan, but no luck. They were staying and filming in Wailea at the Grand Wailea Hotel.

As we headed to Wailea, we decided to go back and visit the spot where Justin and Shannon had gotten married. We hung around for a little bit and took pictures, and soaked in the beauty of the cove. Such a perfect spot.

Afterwards, we went and checked out some shopping areas and hotels. Then, we ate burgers at Cheeseburger Island. The burgers were nothing to write home about and they were ridiculously expensive. Not quite as ridiculous as the bottomless Dr. Pepper, for a mere $7. I was excited about the Maui onion rings, and I must say, Texas onions rings are much better.

From there, we headed to the airport. Justin and Shannon had a sunset dinner cruise they needed to get back for. They stayed in Maui for 3 more days and said they had a blast. They found a neat beach that we didn't visit and snorkeled some more. They also braved a helicopter ride. This picture reminds me of all of the episodes on the Bachelor where they go for a helicopter ride. I am pretty biased, but they look so cute.

This is from one of their last nights in Maui.

I hate to sound like "one of those people", but we all would say this was one of our best trips ever. Everything went absolutely perfect with no glitches. I would highly recommend this venue for anyone who wants a stress free wedding. I know a man that would be glad to marry you for free. Just get him a ticket to Maui.

Congratulations Justin & Shannon. We love you and are so happy for you. Happy 1 month anniversary!

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Kathy C said...

This was a first to hear that you could have stayed beyond your normal limit of three days. The pictures tell the story....such a beautiful place. Maybe some of these pics will show up in your beautiful "sweatshop scrapbook". It really is a keeper and one of the prettiest that has been made to date. Love you sweet friend! :)