Monday, February 15, 2010

Fun Valentine's Weekend - Way Too Much Food

Since we started our Valentine holiday on Thursday, it made for a long, but fun celebration weekend.

For my gift, I got some roses and a spa gift certificate. Can't wait to use it. I got Pops a shirt and a book. The shirt was a replacement shirt for one of his favorites that got ruined at the cleaners.

Sidebar here: A couple of weeks ago, he spoke at an annual meeting for a group in Austin. There were approximately 250 people in attendance. He had picked up his clothes from the cleaners and they went straight into his baggage. About an hour before he was to speak, he started getting dressed and realized that he had a 2 inch rip in the fabric just to the side of his collar. He only brought one dress shirt, and there was not enough time to go buy a new one. I think it bothered me way more than him. I reassured him that it "didn't look bad". I asked him if anyone mentioned it and he said no, and that he had forgotten about it completely. Lesson learned: always check your wardrobe before you pack, and take an extra shirt and pair of pants.

We started our celebration Thursday with lunch at Rise. All weekend long, when we have received the bill for our meals, the joke has been that each one was half the price as Rise. But Rise was definitely worth it and we will go again.

Thursday night we went to Lupe's for some Mexican food because it was so cold and snowy. Friday night we went to Saltgrass Steakhouse. Saturday we went to Mi Chula with Justin and Shannon and we finished off Sunday big. We went to Ft. Worth for breakfast at Esparanza's and then to Frisco to Maggiano's for dinner.

It was all so good, but I am getting ready to pay for it big time at the gym.

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