Wednesday, February 17, 2010


When we go to restaurants, we usually order the same dish. We find the dish we like and don't change from that. For me personally, it seems like if I try something new, it is never as good as my favorite, and I am disappointed. I have thought about doing a "best of" for a while, but I think the list could go on. So, here are a few of our favorites:

Burrito – Chipotle
Fried Chicken – Babes
BBQ – Smokey’s and Salt Lick
Crab Dip – Hibiscus
Mole Enchiladas – Lupe’s
Pizza – Palio’s
Upscale Pizza – Fireside Pie’s
Cheesecake – Fireside Pie’s
Burgers – Simply Burgers, Clown Burger
Cranberry Chicken Salad – Celebrity Bakery
Vanilla Thumbprint Cookies – Celebrity Bakery
Fajita’s – Pappasito’s
Salad Bar – Jason’s
Crawfish Chicken – Water Street Seafood
Mexican Breakfast – Mi Tierra in San Antonio and Esparanza’s
Donuts – Krispy Kreme
Meatloaf – Dixie House
Cinnamon Roll – Dixie House
Steak – Nick and Sam’s and La Hacienda Ranch
Seafood – Pappadeaux
Deli – Jason’s
Sandwich Shop – Firehouse Subs – The Italian
Gourmet Mexican Food – Javiar’s
Favorite Seafood Pasta Dish – Chef Point – Blacked Catfish
Brunch – Blue Mesa
Italian – Maggiano’s
Bread – Logan’s or Texas Roadhouse

Have I missed anything?

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Janelle said...

BEST. QUESO. EVER-LA HACIENDA!! I completely disagree about Papasito's having the best fajitas...You're crazy Lolly!!

Donna @ Way More Homemade said...

Grits - Jalapeno Cheddar Grits at Reata

Tortilla soup... what's your favorite?

I agree about Simply Burgers. They are great.

Orange Peel Chicken at Pei Wei (Mike's is Kung Pao Chicken)