Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pappasito's - The Singer

We love Pappasito's and go quite often. We especially love to go on Wednesday nights when they have 1/2 price fajitas. Fajitas for two are $16. The portions are huge and we always take home leftovers.

We go to the Pappasito's in Ft. Worth because it is the best one. The only thing wrong with Ft. Worth is that they have a roaming singer. He wears a Mexican costume and goes around from table to table singing. I do not want anyone coming to my table and singing. It is very awkward. I don't know any Mexican songs that I want to request. Do you continue your conversation or do you stare into his eyes while he sings to you??? Awkward!

Every single time we go to Pappasito's, he comes to our table. He can be on the other side of the restaurant, and I will think we have dodged him, but no such luck. He always manages to find us. I purposely don't make eye contact with him and when I see him coming, I get in a "heavy" conversation, hoping he will go away. He does not. The entire time, Pops is teasing me that he is coming to the table and I am creeping out.

His classic line is, "Are you in the mood for a song?" He asks it in a little creepy voice. It makes me CRAZY!!! Oh, if he only knew what I really wanted to say. We just smile and say, "No thanks."

Dear Mr. Pappasito's singer, if you are reading this (ha ha, no such chance), PLEASE stay away from me. I am not ever going to be "in the mood for a song."

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Brea said...

That is too funny! I remember when I was younger and we would go to Mercado Juarez with my parents...they had a group of guys who would come around and sing. My brother and I would always request the only Mexican song we knew -- "La Cucaracha"...because everyone wants to hear a song about cockroaches while they're eating dinner, right? :)

Tricia York said...

Laura, this post cracked me up! I don't like those guys either! And I can't stand when the waiters scream (I mean sing) "Happy Birthday" to people. SOOOOO not necessary!

Kay said...

I hate the singing too. Reminded me of a cheapie Mexican place we like. It plays Spanish music and of course we don't know a single thing they're singing. So hubs will without fail tell our daughter "sing aong. You know the words!" which is always met with the same "look" in return! LOL