Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dickey's Has Let Me Down :(

What a fantastic deal! It has been our Monday night "rotation" for the past few weeks. There are two Dickey's close to us, so we have been going to both.

Now first let me clarify, I have been eating at Dickey's for over 35 years. If they change something, I know. I love their potato salad so much, that I used to get an order of potato salad and beans to go, when there were only a few locations. I think there were a couple in Dallas and one in Grand Prairie.

Last Monday night, we ate at the Dickey's on 157. The potato salad was off. It tasted like it was the pre-made stuff that you buy at Kroger. We decided that we were done with the 157 Dickey's and would not be back.

So last night, we headed to Hurst. Hurst has always been good. We ordered the pulled pork sandwich, only to be told that they were out. Then, when I tasted the potato salad, it tasted just like the bad stuff the week before. (These two Dickey's are owned by the same people.) How could they do this to me after 35 years???? I'm not sure the sun will even come up today.

No more Dickey's for us for a while. I guess we will have to drive to Smokey's.

By the way, D Magazine came out with the best BBQ restaurants in Ft. Worth and Dallas, that are not chains. We plan to make our way through the list. I hope I will have some great new restaurants to share.

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Dawn said...

I sadly agree on Dickeys. Has been my favorite as long as I can remember - and it doesnt seem the same anymore. But I saw your post on not giving up on them - I won't... but I'm still a bit sad about it!

PS. Found you through Shanty this week, and really glad that I did. What an interesting blog, can't wait to scroll through your older stuff and see more!

Michele said...

Let me say, I am so excited to have found your blog... I live in Dallas and I am always looking for new restaurants to try. Looking forward to visiting you often!!

P.S. My husband and I had the dollar sandwiches from Dickey's last week.