Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Tree Still Up?

I put my Christmas decorations up around the middle of November, so once Christmas is here, I am ready for them to be put away. This year was a little different.

On December 26th, as I was taking my Christmas tree down, Pops grabbed some gold heart ornaments and suggested we put those on the tree in the bedroom and make it a Valentine tree. I thought that was a good idea since I love the lights in the room.

I bought some little red hearts and made some paper ornaments with some vintage Valentine paper. I still have the lights on the timer, so it is not too much trouble to mess with.

Maybe I will change it to an Easter tree and leave it up year round.

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1 comment:

Tricia York said...

What a cute idea! How sweet that J.Lee would even think of something like that!