Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Am Just a "Little Bit" Jealous of Janelle

Back a few months ago when ticket to the George Strait concert went on sale, I almost bought them. I have seen all of my favorite people, except George. I got online to buy tickets, but when I saw that the parking pass was $38, it made me mad and I said, "Just forget that! That is ridiculous." I also started thinking about how hot it would be on a June afternoon.

When I would hear all about the stadium being completed and the first bit event coming up, I was sorry I didn't buy the tickets. Friday Janelle called me and asked if I wanted to go, she could get some tickets. Unfortunately, we had a work party that we could not miss.

She called yesterday afternoon and said she was going. Not only did she get to go, she went in a limo and watched it from a fancy floor level air conditioned suite.

Yes, I am very jealous!!! One of these days, I will see George, but probably in the cheap general admission seats.

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Gigi2 said...

Lolly, call me when you go! I'll go with you! That Janelle is having one great summer!

York Family said...

Laura, I am SO jealous, too! I saw pictures of the concert on Facebook. Lucky girl! You tell her to call me next time she scores a sweet deal like that! I won't turn her down!

Janelle said...

I'm just now looking at your blog. I quit checking since you never update haha.

It was hands down, the BEST concert I've ever been to!! I was blessed by the opportunity!!!