Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Big Surprise!

So, Monday night, Pops worked late. He was almost home and he called me from down the street and said he had come up on a bad accident that had just happened. A single truck and hit a tree and the girl had been pulled out into the street by a neighbor. Pops called 911 and he said it was taking forever for them to get there. I told him I would call from the house since there is trouble sometimes with cell phones and 911 service.

I picked up the phone and dialed 911. Right when it rang, I heard the sirens down the street, so I quickly hung up. I ran outside to get my police scanner out of my car. I could not stand not to know what was going on. I turned it on and started hearing the police/fire communication.

Then I heard, "911 hang up call at **** R**********." My first thought was, "Oh *#$%." I turned off my scanner and waited because I knew they would be at my front door soon. They always check out hangups because they are concerned that there is domestic violence going on the the fighting people are preventing each other from calling for help.

I sat there for about 10 minutes thinking that they were coming and then I hear the knock. Two police officers were there. I totally got distracted from the officers when I saw two big boxes on my porch. They must have been delivered by UPS while I was gone. While I was explaining what had happened, I tried to quickly move the boxes from the porch and I couldn't because they were extremely heavy.

That is when I knew what they were. I have gotten this surprise before and oh what a treat it is. One of our great friends has done this before and I am assuming that he has done it again.

2 cases of Dublin Dr. Pepper. That is the old fashioned Dr. Pepper made with real cane sugar and not corn syrup. It comes in the little bottles that get soooo cold. For me, those are better than any "fine" wine you can buy. (I am over exaggerating a little bit because I hate wine.) I savor these things. I will usually only drink one a day, just before I go to bed, and savor ever little sip. I savor it so much, that I won't drink the last one. I still have one left in the refrigerator from over a year ago.

So glad the police came to the door. I wouldn't have discovered the great surprise on my front porch if they hadn't. Can't wait to dig into the stash. THANK YOU Billy B!

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Gigi2 said...

Do you share the DP with Lamar and Jennifer? I know they are BIG DP fans too! And, I want to know if the police let you off the hook for the 911 hang up call! Hope the girl was ok too!

York Family said...

Laura you crack me up! I don't know what's funnier - the fact that you have a police scanner or that you got distracted by boxes of Dr. Pepper while the police were at your house! Dublins are great! We used to have those at the CPA firm that I worked at in an old timey coke machine. Our clients LOVED them!

Jennifer said...

Where does your friend order them from cause my boyfriend is obsessed with them. Sometimes we find the 16oz ones in small gas stations and he goes crazy and buys 10 or so right then and there.
I'm a new follower of yours and was just reading some of your old stuff so hopefully you get this.
my blog is www.perfectlyimperfectjenn.blogspot.com