Thursday, February 5, 2009

Goal For This Year - Cookbook

About 7 years ago, I made cookbooks for my family with all of my favorite recipes. I gave them to my sister, mother, sister-in-law, etc. for Christmas. It was good for me to have all of my favorites in one place so I didn't have to search my shelf of cookbooks for a certain recipe.

I have decided that I want to become just like Bree Van de Kamp (Desperate Housewives) and publish a cookbook. This weekend, I was reading a magazine and found a neat website that will publish your cookbook in a professional looking book. I am going to try to do this. I told myself that if I put in 5 recipes a day, I could get it done within at least a month. I'm not starting off very good. I have put 1 in since Saturday. Oh well.

The only glitch is that you can have a picture published with each recipe. That means, I have to cook each dish and take a picture. That is where the challenge comes in.

I think it will be fun, but it will probably take me til Christmas to finish. I think my family will enjoy the benefits of the cooking the most.

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Missy said...

Oh Lolly!! Even though I NEVER cook, I'd definitely buy your cookbook!! I'm always calling Jennifer to get the Whittington recipes! YUM!! Now, you've got me excited about it, so you just have to finish it :) ! Maybe I can be your food photographer and get my name in the book ;) !! Ha ha!

Janelle said...

LOLLY-Before you even think about doing that, you need to put MY cookbook together haha

Really though, can you PLEASEEE make me a chocolate sheet cake when I come home?!?


Stacy P. said...

That is a great idea! What a great gift for family and friends. I would love to buy one as start typing (and cooking for the pictures) and I will get you some sales!! :o)

Donna @ Way More Homemade said...

*gasp* You'll have to COOK???

You could just publish a picture of yourself, kids or grandkids, couldn't you?