Monday, February 2, 2009

Nick & Sam's

I have been wanting to try Nick and Sam's for a long time, but I never think about it. I need to get a list going of all the restaurants I want to try. When I get in the mood for something new, my brain cops out and I can't think of anything. That is why when I read about a new place, we go that night.

I have to say that Nick and Sam's had the best steak I have had in a long time! The only other place that even comes close is Smith and Wollensky's, and they are several hundreds of miles away in Las Vegas.

I had the ribeye and it was so juicy, but the outside was charred with a nice crust and seasoned perfectly. They serve their steaks with their homemade steak sauce that was also great. For a girl that loves ketchup with her steak, that is saying a lot. There were a lot of steak choices with a huge price range. Their most expensive was $32 an ounce, with a 4 ounce minimum. I figure that is about $16 a bite. I can't imagine any steak worth that, but it would be interesting to try it.

The fun part is that we were with four other people, so we got to try lots of sides. We had the wedge salad with blue cheese and bacon. I would probably try a different salad next time. Their Nick and Sam's chopped salad has lobster in it. Yum!

Between courses, they brought out some caviar that was actually pretty good. We had broccoli, french fries, awesome creamed corn and lobster mac and cheese. It was all good, especially the fries. For dessert we had a molten chocolate cake and peach bread pudding with cinnamon ice cream.

I will definitely add this one to the special occasion list. We had a reservation at 7:00 and it was not very crowded. By the time we left around 9:30, the place was packed. The parking lot was full of Bentley's, Rolls' and Maserati's. I guess Dallas is not having a problem with the economic crisis.

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