Saturday, February 14, 2009


Strange title, I know.

Thursday, I got to spend the day with my FAVORITE middle daughter Jordan. She had the day off from work, so we decided to go to Dallas. About a month ago, she was trying to win tickets to "Fleetwood Mac" on the radio, 100.3 Jack FM. She didn't win the tickets, but she won a $50 gift certificate to RA in "The Shops at Legacy".

Since sushi is one of her favorite foods, she was so excited and she invited me to go along. Let me give a small disclaimer here, I am NOT a fan of sushi, but I am a fan of Jordan. I was excited just to spend time with her. We headed to Plano after stopping in Dallas a couple of times.

I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived at RA. I had no idea what it would be like, and I just assumed it was another restaurant tucked into a strip center. Wrong. It was beautiful and had a great patio. We sat outside since it was a great day.

We started off with "lobster spring rolls" and "crab cakes". They were great and I would go back just to get them. Most importantly, they were both cooked. I like my food cooked.

Jordan was thrilled with her salmon and scallop sushi and unaagi (eel). I have texture issues was not about to try any of them, even though the eel was cooked. It looked just like you had taken a eel and sliced through it, skin and all. It all looked very "rubbery" to me. She said it was great.

I had a "chicken teriyaki bento box". Not too impressive.

I am glad that we went at lunch. When reading other reviews, it looks like it is a "hot singles bar". I would definitely go back for the lobster roll and the crab cake. The price was great.

We had a $50 gift certificate and our meal totaled $50.61. A day with Jordan, priceless.

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Jordan said...

Love this post! So glad we got to have that day together!!! But I do have to make a couple of corrections ... it was Fleetwood Mac tickets and 100.3 Jack FM. You're hilarious! I love you!

Janelle said...

Now you need to come have a day with your FAVORITE YOUNGEST CHILD in Abilene!!

I miss my Lolly!! I'm jealous of Jor!!

Missy said...

Jordan, call me next time you go to sushi...I LOVE IT!!! However, I may not be able to eat sushi much longer ;)...I hope!!!