Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Something New

We have been to a few new restaurants this past couple of weeks and I am anxious to write about them.

Friday night, we tried to go to a new place, Neighborhood Services. We were anxious to try it because the former executive chef at Consilient Restaurants has opened up his own restaurant. Consilient Restaurants have great food, so we were expecting big things.

The only big thing we got was a big fat line. We arrived at 6:20 thinking we were early. The joke was on us. After a 10 minute wait in the valet line, I got out of the car to get on the list. By the time Pops got inside, I had just learned about our 1 1/2 hour wait. We went back outside and got the car out of the long valet line. We will try to go earlier next time, maybe 5:00? They do not take reservations or parties larger than 6. That did not seem to deter anyone.

The night was not lost. We headed a few blocks down the street to one of our favorites, Celebration. We sat out on the patio (crazy thing to do in January, but okay when it is in the 70's). We had a great meal.

Saturday night we went with our friends Mike and Amy to Cadillac Ranch. I will write later about the restaurant, but I have a funny story about Mike and Amy.

I was teasing them that their night with us should have been way more exciting than their Friday night. As owners of a funeral home, they have an interesting life.

For their "date night" Friday night, they drove a few hours away to look at a hearse they were thinking about buying. From there, they called a good friend, the casket salesman, and went to eat at a restaurant on the lake called "Dead Fish Grill". Now how is that for a date night? They brought us a brochure from the funeral home that they had visited because it has some "unique" services. As part of it's services, they have a one hour bubble bath for the body. If you buy the next package up, you can have a visit during the bubble bath. Quite interesting.

So in the coming days, I will write about:

Cadillac Ranch
Tuscany Art in Dining, and
The ABSOLUTE BEST pedicure I have ever had

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KARA said...

okay Lolly, where to start with you....first of all I can't WAIT to hear about the Cadillac Ranch - I've been wondering about that place. Secondly - the bubble bath...I have one word for you - CREEPY! Seriously...that is creepy! And lastly, I have a restaurant that I want you to try/review (if you haven't already) - Sweet Tomatoes (in Valley Ranch). May be more of a lunch place but check it out and let me know what you think! :)

Amy Wade said...

Yup! And when we really have fun, we have Cousin It come with us!

gigi said...

Love reading about the restaurants.
But the pedicure story is the one I can't wait to hear about! I'm going to take your recommendation on that one, Lolly!

And the Wades sure have some interesting stories!

Missy said...

That is such a funny story about the Wade's "date night"!!

I'm also very excited to hear about the pedi! I know you Whit. girls (and probably Gigi too) keep your toes looking nice year-round, but mine are terribly neglected during the winter season. I'd love to try your new favorite pedicure place!!

Where is Cadillac Ranch?

Amy Wade said...

would you please hurry with the pedicure story!- my french manicure is wearing off. LOL

Amy Wade said...
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Janelle and Ella said...

Laura, Celebration has been one of my favorite restaurants for years!! We love going there!!