Friday, January 16, 2009

The Best Pedicure - EVER

Several friends have told me how great the pedicure at Coldwater Creek Spa in Southlake Town Center is. I finally decided to try it and was not the least bit disappointed.

I made an appointment for the "essential pedicure". I tried to get the "ultimate", but they were already booked up when I wanted my appointment. The "essential" is their basic pedicure. It is far from basic.

After checking in, the receptionist led me to the "relaxation room" where she offered me a drink and brought in a warm wrap for my neck. I sat in a very comfortable chair with an ottoman, reading a magazine until it was my turn. They had relaxing music, which I usually find annoying, but it was not bad.

When I went back to the pedicure station, it looked very different from any others I have seen. There were chairs with curtains between them. First I sat in the chair and put my feet into an empty bowl. She brought over a pitcher of warm water and poured it over my feet. After I soaked for a few minutes, she leaned the chair back, and put fluffy blankets over me.

The chair felt like it had a feather cushion. I was laying back in sort of a sitting position with my feet hanging about 6 inches off the chair. Hard to explain, but very comfortable. She put a bean bag mask over my eyes, got me a new warm neck wrap, did a little aromatherapy and I was in Heaven.

The greatest part is that you just lay there. You don't move your feet at all. There were scrubs, masks, heated towels, heated booties and I don't know what else. It was all so relaxing that I caught myself dozing off a few times. The girl that did mine was very nice, but I did not feel the need to carry on a conversation, and it was totally relaxing.

When she finished (an hour and fifteen minutes later), my feet felt great, nails looked good, and I could barely walk out of there. The last thing she did was more aromatherapy for energy. I can't say that it worked because I felt like Jello walking out.

Pops is the pedicure king. I would love for him to get to have one, but this is pretty much a female place. Sorry Pops.

I will gladly accept gift cards for any occasion.

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KARA said...

YEAH - I have a gift card to there and used part of it for a facial (which was GREAT!) and was "saving" the second half. Now I will definitely use it for a pedicure!! Thanks for the info - love your blog :)

Janelle and Ella said...

Oh my goodness!!! That sounds INCREDIBLE!!! I was finding myself relax just reading about it.

York Family said...

Coldwater Creek Spa has the BEST pedicures EVER!! I don't know if I can ever go back to just a regular pedicure after experiencing that! You have no choice but to relax. I am so glad that you got to experience it for yourself, Laura!

Anonymous said...

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