Thursday, August 14, 2008

Guilty of Child Abuse

Yes, it is true. We have been guilty for the past five days, some days worse than others.

Saturday morning, Pops and I took Jennifer, Landrie and Karsyn to California. We hit the road running. We told Landrie that we would take her to the beach. We had to make a few detours along the way. First we went to Hollywood to check it out. We had to check out all of the famous spots there. We drove in the the Hollywood Hills to check out the star's houses and then headed to Beverly Hills. We made our way down Rodeo Drive and finally ended up at Santa Monica beach around 5:00 p.m. Believe me, the question of the day was, "When are we going to be at the beach?"

By the time we got back to Anaheim, the girls were in total meltdown mode, so we stopped at the McDonald's drive through, dropped the girls off and Pops and I headed out for a quiet dinner.

Sunday morning, we got up early and headed to Disneyland around 8. I have been to Disneyworld before, but there is something magical about the original Disney. We LOVED it. So much so, that we stayed for 12 hours without a break. There were many meltdowns and we felt pretty guilty, but we just couldn't leave.

Landrie even got Pops to ride a roller coaster. We didn't realize what we were getting ourselves into, until we were in the middle of the Bobsled ride. It was pretty intense, finding out later that it was not recommended for children. Little Karsyn loved it.

Monday we got up early again because we had breakfast with Minnie and her friends. We decided to take a break in the afternoon and went back until about 10:00 p.m.

On Tuesday, we did the same, but we stayed until midnight. When the girls were crying, I realized that it was really 2:00 a.m. Texas time and we had really pushed the limits. We wanted to see a show that started at 10:30. When it was over, we were leaving and I suggested that we go by the Spinning Cups for one last ride. They perked up immediately. At Landrie's suggestion, we took one last roller coaster ride before we left.

I don't know who had more fun, the girls or the adults. It was magical.

Meeting Sleeping Beauty was on of their favorite moments.

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Brea said...

I gotta say that's the best form of child abuse I've ever heard of! Sounds like you guys had a blast -- I can't wait to see more pics! :)

Janelle and Ella said...

Oh, SO FUN!! Sounds like an awesome 5 days!

Janelle and Ella said...
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Way More Homemade said...

Oh I love Disneyland... so much more than -world. We went in Nov 06 and even Nathan at 18 mo's had a little fun. Sarah's fave was Space mountain... her first real roller coaster & she's been loving them ever since.