Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Answer for GiGi

GiGi commented on my blog about Justin's mustache. I will answer her here.

Well, what do you think of Lamar's?I never have like facial hair either and then with that bald haircut! Boys will be Boys!One funny about Justin though...Landrie told me about Justin's killing birds and said that God was going to have to help Justin not to want to kill birds anymore! Mmmmm????

I am okay with the facial hair as long as it is neat and trimmed and a goatee. We like to say it adds much needed character. I just don't like the Hulk Hogan look that Justin is wearing. When we go to church or nice restaurants, I feel like people are staring. (I know people are staring because I have seen them). We went to Babe's Fried Chicken the other night and no on gave him a second glance. He fit right in.

I have gotten used to Justin and Lamar's bald look. It does help hide receding hairlines and since Pops part got larger and larger, I decided that it needed to disappear. I really like him bald except that means I have to cut it twice a week.

In answer to the bird comment, that Landrie is hilarious and she doesn't forget ANYTHING. That comment was from September when Justin went dove hunting. She told me, "Lolly, you need to tell your son not to kill birds". She has told me that multiple times.

Last weekend, out of the blue, she asked me why I forgot to give her a carrot for "Chunky Monkey". Chunky Monkey was the horse that came to her 2 Year Old birthday party 2 1/2 years ago. She does not forget anything at all.

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KirkKrew said...

My silly, silly girl! She does remember EVERYTHING!

Gigi2 said...

One more comment about the bird thing...Landrie saw the bird cage in our garage and asked me what happened to our bird. I told her that he got sick and died. She commented that Justin probably shot him because he like to kill birds. I assured her that Justin did not kill "Jake", that he had died because he got very sick. Jake was our parrot who we miss alot. And, I agree...Landrie doesn't forget anything.