Monday, August 18, 2008

Crazy Pops

While we were in California, Pops was out there for a conference. The last night we were at Disney, he had a meeting until about 8:30. He dropped us off at the park and was going to meet us back as quickly as possible.

He had on dress clothes and was going to drive from the meeting to our hotel, valet park, go to the room, change clothes, go back to the car, head to Disney, park again, take the tram to the park, etc. . . . .

I suggested he take his shorts and change in the bathroom where his meeting was held. He decided that would take too long, so he drove to Disney in his dress clothes.

The CRAZY thing he did was change clothes in the Disney parking lot. He just stripped down, threw his clothes in the floor board, dressed and came into the park. Doesn't he know there are security cameras EVERYWHERE??? They are probably still looking for the crazy man in his underwear in the parking lot.

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Janelle said...

Daddy's lost his mind..haha..I would've done the same thing probably!!MISS YOU!!!!!!!!

Way More Homemade said...

Now, that's funny.

Gigi2 said...

I agree. Now that's funny.....only a grandpa would do such a thing!