Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Disney Pics

Here is Karsyn (very comfortable, I might add) eating her breakfast at DFW waiting for our flight.
Landrie was enjoying her breakfast (not quite as comfortable as Karsyn), and Lolly doing her favorite thing, reading the paper. I am obsessed with the paper, and it is always a big task when I return home to read every page of both the Dallas and Ft. Worth paper after I get home. It only took me 3 days to catch up after this trip, but the Scotland trip was a long time.
Karsyn entertaining herself on the plane. Karsyn is INTENT with everything she does. Luckily she fell asleep after about an hour. When booking the tickets, I purposefully put Karsyn next to Jennifer and Landrie next to me. Landrie posing at the airport waiting for Pops to get the rental car.
Do they look like they are a little excited about being in California?

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Brea said...

Love the pics -- I recognize them from the 400+ that Jennifer sent me a link to! I've only gotten about halfway through all of those!

Gigi2 said...

This last picture of the girls is my favorite picture. Sisters who are in expectation of California and Disneyland. It says it all!
Thanks Lolly and POPS for taking them on such a wonderful vacation! Memories were made!

Janelle said...

Love ALL the pics..went through the 400 Jenn sent me! MISS MY GIRLS AND MY LOLLY!!

Only 9 days until i'm home! BE READY!