Saturday, July 26, 2008


I don't know how to work my computer keys to get the name exact, so here it is. Rise is a great new restaurant in Dallas. It is located at Lovers and Inwood.

I always love to find a new restaurant that is different and good. Rise proves to be both. The atmosphere is so different than any around. It looks like a country french cottage with several birch tree branches in the center. The specialty of the house is souffles.

The only time that I can ever remember eating a souffle was for dessert at Old Warsaw. Rise serves them for both entrees and desserts.

First off, they only take reservations for large parties, so be prepared to wait. I went for lunch and arrived before noon and had to wait 30 minutes. I had the crab souffle. I also tasted the ham and cheese souffle and they were both delicious and filling. I was surprised that they were so full of flavor.

For the dessert, I had the Creme Brulee. It was great. Next time I want to try one of the dessert souffles.

My only complaint, is that they did not have soft drinks. I ordered the fresh limeade. It had a lot of fresh mint crushed up, but it was very tart. After I added 3 packages of Splenda, it was just right.

This is not a cheap lunch place. Plan on spending at least $40 for a salad, souffle and dessert. The limeade was $4 for a small glass. Great place for a birthday lunch.

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Brea said...

Ooh, that fresh limeade sounds yummy! :)