Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Little Bow Heads

Since the time my 3 girls were babies, they had bows in their hair until they went to college. Jennifer even wore them in college, but I can cut her some slack since she had to wear them for cheerleading.

The first time they brought Janelle to me in the hospital, she had a bow glued in her hair. She was never without one. She tanned very easily, and went to many soccer and t-ball games for her brothers and sisters. When you gave her a bath (the only time the bow came out) she would have a bow "tanned" into her scalp.

Jennifer has followed my style. Landrie and Karsyn are rarely seen without their hair fixed and a bow.

Last weekend, Jennifer went away for a scrapbooking weekend with some of her friends. She was gone from Friday to Sunday. Lamar had a coaching convention in San Antonio, so he and the girls left on Saturday. He dropped them off at GiGi's house on the way.

Jennifer fixed their hair on Friday, but they needed help on Saturday. They had a birthday party to go to and they couldn't go to GiGi's a mess. In perfect Jennifer fashion, she planned earlier in the week for the girls to come to my house to get their hair fixed.

I didn't know what time they would come, but I knew my services were desperately needed.

I got the following email from Lamar on Saturday morning.

I will probably come over around 1230 if that is OK for you to fix the girls hair. I tried to do it myself yesterday and did nothing but make them cry.

I thought that was so funny because I could not even begin to imagine what that scene looked like.

Karsyn was not too happy with me either, but in true sisterly fashion, Landrie tried to console her.

They were much improved when they left my house.

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Brea said...

That is hilarious! Jennifer came over last night and we were looking through old college pics -- there were a few where she was wearing a big ole bow in her hair! :)

Gigi2 said...

Oh Lolly, having raised 3 boys, I am not very good at the hair fixing thing either. The girls were always good for me, but I never could get the part just right. Landrie was always very patient with me, but Karsyn told me often, "you are hurting me Gigi". We did ok..but it never looked as good as Jennifer's nor as good as in these pictures.
Also, my praise to you for keeping the girls everyday while the big kids are at work. These two literally wore me out...it was fun, but boy am I tired tonight!


How funny! Lamar gets kudos for trying but something tells me that there "ain't no bow like a Lolly bow"!! :)