Saturday, July 19, 2008

England/Scotland - Part 2

At the airport in London, we met up with Tom, Donna, Ben, Jim and Kathy. They left the US a few days ahead of us and went to Switzerland. Since we had already been to Switzerland in 2001 and since I am a 3 night per trip person, we decided to skip that leg of the trip. In London, we boarded the plane for our hour trip to Scotland. When we arrived in Scotland, we were greeted by our drivers. They actually did not drive us, just our luggage. There was not enough room for all of us and our stuff.

From there, we headed to Craigsanquhar, where we would spend our next 5 days.

It was better than I could have ever imagined. The pictures just don't do it justice. The entrance was beautiful and then you headed up the long road to the castle.

The castle has 13 very comfortable rooms along with 2 sitting areas and the restaurant downstairs. Every time I would look out my window, I would see several bunnies hopping around on the lawn.

This is the view from our window. It certainly didn't hurt that it was a perfect 65 degrees outside most of the time.

The weather is like Texas weather, it can change quickly. The only difference is that it changes in a matter of hours. It would be sunny and starting to warm up and next thing you know, it was raining. A few minutes later, you would be cold and then it would be sunny again. Sometimes that happened 3 times a day.

Once we got settled into our rooms, we met downstairs for dinner. What a treat, and the fun part was that we would get to do this several more times over the next few days.

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Tori said...

Oh it's just great to put pictures to the stories you shared over dinner. It was great to see you both, we must do again soon.