Monday, January 14, 2008

Lolly Is Getting Creative!

I have people working in my kitchen this week, so it is off limits. That would not be a problem for me at all (since I haven't cooked in months), but with the girls, it gets a little crazy. I am a Nazi when it comes to them staying in the kitchen to eat and drink.

I need to be home all day so that I can give my approval for the work, so where in the world are the girls going to eat? I can't expect them to go all day without food or drink.

I started thinking this morning that we could go to McDonald's and get Happy Meals, but where would they eat them. It's too cold to sit on the patio. I think came up with a brilliant solution . They can eat them in my bathtub. I told Landrie that she would get to have a campout in my bathroom and pretend that the tub is her tent. She liked that idea and I love it because any crumbs can be washed down the drain.

It was a good thing they ate in the bathtub because there were lots of crumbs and Karsyn spilled her drink.


Angela said...

Well they can have a bath straight afterwards too:-). Moms are just too smart and inventive!!
Have a great day :-)

Gigi said...

Where are the pictures, Lolly?
The girls like campouts and tents. I made a tent by spreading a sheet over a table and the girls loved it. They ate their snack in there and took their toys and played. Grandmas can be real creative when we need to be!!

sandra f. said...

Boy you did get creative!! Bet they loved it. How are the walls coming along? Can't wait to see the progress! You are too sweet to send that check!!! You really did not have to do that!!! -Sandra