Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Boys Make Passes at Girls That Wear Glasses

Now that I am "older", I need glass for everything I do. I have them in my purse, several pairs in my night stand, the bathroom, and in every drawer in the house. Landrie and Karsyn love to take my glasses and wear them around. I don't know how they can see with them, but they manage to walk around with them, usually looking over the top.
When Janelle was about 5, she wanted glasses so bad. We found some red ones at Claire's that were "fake". She wore them everywhere. She especially love it when people would comment on how cute they were. She still loves to be told how cute she is!
When I was Christmas shopping last month, I walked by Claire's and wondered if they still had glasses. Low and behold, I found 2 pairs. They are just the right size. Karyn still likes mine better, but I think she can see better with her own.


Angela said...

How cute are they with those glasses :-). I found your blog via others. I've been enjoying coming and reading your blog.
Have a wonderful day!!

Janelle & Ella said...

I need to do that with Ella. She LOVES her sunglasses. She'll wear them for an hour straight without ever taking them off. She would be so excited if she had a pair for inside. You have given me such a good idea! Thanks!