Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day #3 In The Bathtub

The kitchen is still "closed". Today is day #3. The girls have had fun eating in the bathtub. You don't realize how messy they are until you start washing away the crumbs. Maybe Friday we will be able to eat in the kitchen again.


Brea said...

I love the fact that you put them in the bathtub to eat! Hilarious! They look just precious as usual and I looooove the outfits!

Angela said...

Your girls are just tooo darn cute:-). I wouldn't mind eating in that tub either *giggles*.
Have a wonderful day!!

Gigi said...

Thanks for the pics! The girls are so cute!! By looking at Landrie's long legs, she has to be growing tall! And, Karsyn, my little one...she is adorable. She looks like her mom!! OMG.....I can hardly wait to see them!!!