Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ferrari's Italian - Mixed Review

Yesterday was my good friend Jodi's birthday. I'm not sure what number, but I know it is a few years less than me. She has had a few exhausting weeks, so she wanted me to choose. We decided to try a new restaurant in Grapevine, Ferrari's.

I had mixed feelings about it, but with a little fixing, it would be good. First of all, the inside was decorated very nice. When we sat down, we were brought their signature flat bread. It would have been good if it was crispier and had some salt added to it. I think they forgot the salt in the recipe for the dough. It was topped with cheese and Italian seasoning, but that did not overcome the bland crust. With a little tweaking, it could be good.

I ordered Caesar salad and was told they were out. The reasons was they didn't have any lettuce because the trucks were delayed due to the rain. I know it doesn't rain around here very often but I didn't think a little shower would shut down the salad menu. But. . . after questioning, we found out that they had lettuce, just not romaine. Since I was after the dressing, croutons and cheese, I asked if he could make it with one of the lettuces that they had. Novel idea and it worked. Unfortunately the results were not that great. The dressing was not very good.

I ordered the Chicken Valdostona. It was a chicken breast with ham, cheese and a creamy mushroom sauce. It was good, but to my dismay, it was served with broccoli and fried potatoes. Remember, this is an Italian restaurant. Fried potatoes?????? Where is the pasta? I needed some pasta to soak up the extra sauce.

After a few bites, I ordered a side of pasta and that made it much better. I will probably give it another try, but I'm not going to be rushing over there this weekend.

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