Friday, August 17, 2007

The Keg

The Keg in Las Colinas has a preferred customer list that you can register online for. One of the benefits is that on your birthday, you receive a FREE steak and lobster dinner ($29.95). We have been "members" for a while, but we always forget to use our gift card. We remembered this year.

We started out with our version of the wedge salad. Instead of blue cheese dressing, we always get thousand island with blue cheese crumbles and bacon. Pops had the terriyaki sirloin, which is our favorite, and I had the steak and lobster dinner, even though it wasn't my birthday. The lobster was small, but good. I had the twice baked potato, which was wonderful.

For dessert, we got our usual, the Billy Miner's pie. It is a chocolate crust, with coffee ice cream, topped with almond and chocolate syrup. Great ending to a great meal.


Gigi said...

That sounds delicious, especially the dessert!! We have been buying the Coffee Blue Bell Ice Cream this's good! That dessert sounds so yummy!!

Janelle & Ella said...

That is so good to know about the free birthday dinner. My husband has been able to experience this delicious restaurant a couple of times for business, but I have yet to experience it. Last time he went he did bring me home a piece of their huge chocolate cake. It was amazing!! I hope you got to enjoy some of that.