Thursday, August 16, 2007

Birthday Dinner #1 - Reata

We had Pop's family birthday dinner at Reata on Tuesday night. It was a real disappointment. Since we go out to eat all of time, we were trying to go some place different, but not to expensive since there were 10 of us. We still spent a fortune and it was just not that great.

We started off with one of our favorites, the signature "tenderloin tamales." I don't know what was missing, but they were just okay. They are very different with "pecan mash" on top of them. They tasted like they needed more salt and seasoning because they were bland.

Pops had the tenderloin and shrimp special. It was okay, but not great. I tasted the Caesar salad, jalapeno cheese grits and chicken fried steak, and they were all okay.

The best part was dessert. We had the apple cobbler, creme brulee, fried cheesecake and the chocolate bread pudding tamale. The tamale was really good. Thank goodness for good desserts.

We still have one more birthday dinner at Bob's Chop House and I am hoping that it is much better.

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