Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Old Favorites We Miss

Pops and I started dating when we were 15. One of our biggest sources of entertainment was eating out (and it still is)! Once Pops got his license, we usually went to one of four places; Pulido's, Pancho's, Pizza Inn and The Golden Greek. They were all in Arlington.

Of those, the only one I miss is The Golden Greek. It was a diner type restaurant with the absolute best food. After all these years, I can still remember what it tasted like. They had the best salads. The blue cheese dressing was homemade and they had the absolute best garlicky croutons. The chicken fried steak was so good. It also had a lot of garlic seasoning. I can even remember our favorite waitress - Betty.

I also miss Water Street Seafood. They had the best dish, "Crawfish Chicken." It was a blackened chicken breast, stuffed with jalapeno Jack cheese and shrimp with a creamy Crawfish and Andoullie Sausage sauce. They closed the Ft. Worth location a few years ago, but till have restaurants in San Antonio and Corpus Christi. 2 years ago we were in San Antonio and we went there twice and brought home "to go" orders. I have a couple of their recipes. I have the sauce for the chicken (very complicated) and the "Creamy Walnut Dressing."

I also miss Porche's. It was a Cajun restaurant in Ft. Worth. They had the best fried catfish nuggets, banana pudding and coconut cake. We also miss the owner, Tona and Rudy.

My most missed restaurant is Southern Kitchens. If you have never been there, you missed out. It was a nice restaurant, but it was all you can eat. Shrimp and Crab (minus the shells), chicken, homemade cinnamon rolls and more.

This is making me hungry. I am ready to eat dinner!

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