Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sharing A Snow Cone - True Sisterly Love

Landrie is so sweet and a great big sister. Last night, they stopped by our house with their snow cones. Landrie was so good about sharing with Karsyn. Karsyn has never had a snow cone, but once she tasted it, there was no turning back. They had a "green one" and not only did Landrie share, she fed Karsyn.


Janelle & Ella said...

That is such a cute picture!! How old is Karsyn? She looks about the same as my daughter who would also be loving the green snow cone.

Lolly said...

Hi Janelle,

I think they are close to the same age if I remember correctly. Karsyn was born on 04/05/06.

PureLight said...

I am a new blogger, and I must be the oldest one on the planet! I was thrilled to see that you are a grandmother too. We have eight grandkids, ranging in age from 21 to still in untero until August. Thanks for making my day!
P.S. What do ya know--we are Texas metroplexers too.