Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Really Boring Food

The past couple of weeks have probably been the worst in a few years for our eating. I have eaten at McDonald's more in the last two weeks than I have in the last two years. We have been so busy and tired that I can't even be creative about my fast food.

Pop's taught the "Nearly Wed" class at church on Friday night. Anyone who is getting married by a Fellowship Church pastor has to attend this class. I volunteered in the information kiosk to help register people for the classes and then I spoke at the "Preparation for Parenting" class on Saturday morning. Since I have taken care of 60 newborns from the Gladney Center, I guess they think I might have something informative to say about putting babies on a schedule.

They have box dinners for these classes, but we were too busy to eat. We were so tired, we went home and there was nothing to eat, so I went back out and got McDonald's. Several nights it has been around 10 before I made it to the drive-thru and I was too tired to stop and think, "What is open at this time of night?"

Monday night was another late night of sweeping and mopping floors at the "little part time job" (remember the one where I work for the great discount on baby clothes). Every stroke of the broom and mop made me realize how bad I really don't care about the big discount!!!!! I was a little naive when I took the job and didn't have any idea that being a sales associate means you have to sweep and mop. I don't even sweep and mop my own floors.

Pop's was going to order pizza from Palio's and I was going to pick it up, but when he called at 9:00 they informed him they were so slow for the night that they closed early. A big storm came through in the evening and I guess everyone decided to stay home, except the people that decided to go to the baby store with their muddy strollers and out of control children.

Guess what we had for dinner????? McDonald's again.

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