Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Great Friend - Rachel Ray

Okay, I have proof that I have been close to her (horrible picture but I needed it for evidence), but I really don't know her. I feel like I do because I have watched her shows on the Food Network for a while, watched her on Oprah, read her new magazine (kind of lame) and I am looking forward to seeing her new talk show. I understand that Oprah will be one of her guests the first week.

It is hard to trust advice about food from someone who is that skinny, but I do like her suggestions. In December of 2003, Pops and I want to New York to celebrate our 25th anniversary. One of the "things to do" on the agenda was to attend the taping of "Good Morning America" on New Years Eve. Pops was not too excited, but after it was over, he really enjoyed it. Charlie and Diane were on vacation so Robin Roberts was filling in. Dick Clark was there and the show ended up with a food segment that featured Rachel Ray cooking.

After the show, Rachel and Robin (who was so very nice) stuck around for pictures. Pops took the picture. Lets just say he hasn't had a camera in his hands very often. I do have a picture with Robin that is pretty good.

So, all of that said, I did use Rachel's advice in Atlanta and was glad I did.

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