Monday, August 7, 2006

Clear Creek Seafood Co. in Keller

Saturday night after church, we decided to go to one of our "new favorite" restaurants, Clear Creek Seafood. We have been there about a half a dozen times over the past 4 months and it has always been very good.

Saturday night, it was a litle on the rough side. When we arrived, we were pleased to see that the parking lot was not real full and we would not have to wait for a table. Once we walked inside, I knew why. There was a very "odd" smell in the restaurant. If it had been my first time, I would have slipped on back to the parking lot.

We "sucked it up" and decided to stay. The food tasted as great as always. The waiter was good, but the kitchen was having major problems. Very slow!!!

We started with an appetizer of hush puppies. Very good. They are the long skinny kind with jalapeno's. They are served with butter. I decided to try something different. I usually get the "Blackened Catfish Layfette", but decided to get the "Brouchette Shrimp." I had 8 shrimp that were stuffed with cheese and jalapenos and then wrapped in bacon and grilled. They were served with melted butter and dirty rice. Pops and Jordan had their favorite, blackened tilapia with the "Milan Sauce", which is a creamy sauce with scallops. Janelle had the crawfish platter, with fried and sauteed crawfish.

The slow kitchen and the "odd" smell won't keep us away. The food was good enough to overcome it. Hopefully next time it will be back to normal.

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