Friday, August 4, 2006

Thursday Night at the Gas Station

We made it to the gas station last night. It was soooo good. Some of the best food I have ever eaten. You are asking yourself, okay is it really a gas station. Yes it really is. Read here to find out the story of how they began three years ago.

The name of the restaurant is Chef Point. It has become a Pops and Lolly favorite. It is not fancy at all, but the food is wonderful. The prices are very reasonable.

Last night we had the whole family with us. The gas station was packed when we got there at 8:00 p.m. We squeeze all 9 of us at a table for 6. A little crowded. Most of us ordered one of the specials (this is what I always get), Blackened Catfish over a bed of Angel Hair Pasta with a Asiago Cream Sauce. The catfish is not "fishy" tasting at all. Every bit melted in your mouth. It is served with some bread (cold garlic toast) that is not memorable, but the main dishes are all great. They usually have some type of fish special with the same sauce. They also have Salmon and Duck. Janelle had the Chicken Parmesan with Alfred Sauce. Heavenly.

We were all so full, but I wanted to try the dessert. My sister Ellen has told me the "Bread Pudding Smothered in Hot Cognac Sauce" is "to die for." She and Tim will stop by and get an order to go frequently. I have never tasted bread pudding, because quite frankly it sounds really nasty, but since it had been so highly recommended by several people, we gave it a try. Needless to say, I am now a bread pudding fan. It was so hot we could hardly eat it.

Be sure and check out the Chef Point website for their interesting story.

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