Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beaufort and Beyond

I love that when Pops and I go out of town, we both like to do the same things, eat and explore. If where we are visiting has a trolly tour, that is always our first stop. We like to take a tour around what the city says is their best spots, and then go back later and see the ones that we are interested in.

One day, we decided to go to Beaufort, SC and see what was going on there. We loved it! We ate lunch at a great place called Plums. Pops had a grilled pimento cheese sandwich. I think he thought he'd died and gone to heaven. He let me taste a little bit, and it was good.

We then took a tour. This was a horse drawn carriage tour. I didn't realize it, but a lot of homes in Beaufort have been around for a long time. Lots of movies have been filmed here. To name a few, Prince of Tides and Bubba Gump. After seeing houses that had a connection to Pat Conroy, Pops immediately came home and started reading some of his books.

This was one of our favorite houses.

From Beaufort, we took off to a couple of islands. One of the islands had a state park that was beautiful. It had huge trees, with lush palms and was on the beach. The day we went, it was freezing cold, but we had to check it out.

There was a lighthouse that you could climb. Of course, I did not. Too lazy! Pops climbed to the top and I got his picture.

On our way back to Hilton Head, we stopped in Beaufort again. We saw a shop that caught our attention. Because of the name, we had to go check it out. It was adorable! The girls always want me to bring them something back from a trip. This store had the Build-A-Bear concept, except you first filled the inside of the animal with candy. They held a lot of candy! They give you a cute decorative box (with a hole that the puppy's head is peaking out) that has filling in the bottom along with a star to wish on and an angel. When you finish the candy, you fill it all up and it is a stuffed animal. They loved them.!

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