Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dinner at The Gas Station

Last weekend, we had some really good food at some really bad places. One of my very favorites is Chef Point, but it is so fattening! For that reason, we don't go as often as we used to, but I have been craving it for a while, and it was worth every single pound I gained!

We have been going to Chef Point for several years, long before it was famous. Oh, it was famous, but just from articles in the Star-Telegram, not from all of the television celebrities.

Chef Point is a restaurant that is also a working gas station and convenience store. Banks are very stingy about lending money for restaurants because the failure rate is so high. They didn't have any problem with loaning money for a gas station with a kitchen attached. This is how this restaurant got started and it became affectionately known by us and many others as, “the gas station”.

We used to go about once a week. Now we go about once every few months due to our schedules, the crowds and the calories. Back in the olden days, most of the cooking was done by the owner, Franson Nwaeze. One night we were in there and Pops was telling him about our favorite restaurant, Water Street Seafood that had closed down. We were telling him about the Crawfish Chicken. I told him I had found a recipe on the internet for the sauce and he said if I brought it in, he would fix it for us. The next week, I took him the recipe. He looked it over and said, “Do you want me to fix it now?”

That is how the Blackened Stuffed Chicken Breast was created. Instead of crawfish, he stuffed it with his crab cake mixture and pepper jack cheese. Instead of the andoullie cream sauce, he uses his own creation, asiago cream sauce. He serves it over a bed of pasta. It is delicious!

My favorite dish is the Blackened Catfish with Asiago Cream Sauce. This was a special of the day and not a regular on the menu until recently. I was always so disappointed when we would go and they didn’t have it. Now that it is a regular, it is the only dish I ever order.

Another great thing to try at the gas station is the bread pudding. This was the first place we had ever tried it. As much as I love bread, somehow eating a dessert made out of bread did not sound very good. Oh my gosh, the first time I ate it, I knew I was in trouble. The recipe was featured in Paula Deen’s magazine and it is not pretty. Lot of sugar and cream.

Go to the gas station for dinner if you want a fantastic gourmet meal with a delicious dessert. You won’t be disappointed!

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Jaunna said...

Found your blog from a link on Kelly's Korner. How funny about the blackened chicken, thats my favorite thing to order! We have been going for about five years and love going back.

One night we were there and the owner was training a new cook, and when the cook completed a dish, the owner was so offended by it that he threw it on the was nice to see such passion!