Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good Morning America

I have been an ABC "groupie" for all of my life. I remember watching Good Morning American from as far back as I can remember. I loved Joan London and David Hartman. When Joan was having babies, so was I. I could relate to her.

Every time I have been to New York, I have always gotten tickets to be in the audience at Good Morning America. We have seen some fun people. The first time I went, Jordan and I went to the "Concert in the Park" series and saw Pink. She is one of my favorite singers. At the time, Tony Perkins was the weather man and Jordan got to talk to him while we were waiting to get into Bryant Park.

The next couple of times, I went with Pops, and we were there for the New Year's Eve show. We saw Dick Clark, Rachel Ray and Ryan Seacrest.

Pops and I got up at 5:00 a.m. on Friday so we could be at the studio at 6:15. The nice thing was that we could see the studio out of our hotel window, so we didn't have far to walk. The bad thing is that it was cool and rainy. My hair reflects that. Oh, I was having a BAD hair day. I almost didn't post pictures because of that, but I decided what the heck. It is what it is.

Robin Roberts is one of my favorites on GMA. I have a picture with her from the last time we were there.

The last time we were there, Pops was not a fan of Diane Sawyer. I will not post what he said about her, but it wasn't very nice, and everytime he sees her on TV, he reminds me of that. This time, she was much nicer. Her days at GMA are numbered. She will be moving to the head anchor spot on World News Tonight in January.

One fun guest that we got to see was Mary J. Blige. She is in a movie that is set to premier soon. She performed the song from her movie. She was fun to see in person.

Pops had to go to work, so I stayed around for pictures and another pre-recorded segment. Here I am with one of my favorites, Chris Cuomo. And YES, my hair looks terrible. I am aware of the BAD hair day and my crooked necklace.

For as long as I can remember, Jack Hanna, Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo, has been around. And, he looks the same. He did a segment that will air later with about 6 different animals. One was a giant iguana. I did keep my distance. Jack didn't seem real thrilled to be taking pictures, but I figured, hey, what the heck, I am going to get one along with everyone else. I STILL have bad hair, but at least the necklace is straight this time.

Fun trip with bad weather in both Dallas and New York, but no flight delays. Yeah!

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Missy said...

Great pictures!!

Gigi2 said...

What fun Lolly. You always have the greatest adventures! and I know about bad hair days. I have one every day and I have just given up! It is what it is....thinning and grey!
But, at least when the grey is really bad....I go to my hairdresser and say "cover it up"! That much I can do with it!

Tricia York said...

What a fun trip!! I am so impressed that you like Pink! She's one of my favorites, too!