Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Central 214 - The Naughty Kitchen

We have been going to Blythe Beck's restaurants since around the Spring of 2008. We didn't know anything about her, until she came to our table to talk on our first visit at Hector's. We were fans from day one. I still remember when she told us there was a possibility of a reality show.

It has happened. Last week, the first episode debuted. According to Blythe, it was a success and has gotten great ratings. She was in New York last week to tape an episode on the Tyra Banks show and she will be going back to be on the Today Show on Tuesday. I think she has made it and is now a star. It was fun to listen to her stories about being recognized on the streets. She is so funny and has got such a great personality. We are really happy for her.

We ate at Central 214 last night with Mike and Amy and had a great time. She is extremely observant. She came over to talk to us and she even remembered the shirt that Pops had on the last time we were at Hector's. It was pink, her favorite color, but I was so impressed that she remembered. It was great to eat her food again.

One of the most unique items she had was her bread. It was baguette bread, served with great butter, pimento cheese and smoked trout spread. She said it was inspired by her mother from her childhood days. She said she grew up on pimento cheese and tuna fish. She fancied it up a little bit.

All episodes for this season of The Naughty Kitchen have been taped. Hopefully it will be picked up for Season 2. Congratulations to you Blythe! What a fast start to a career in "total culinary domination". I suspect you will be the top chef at a New York restaurant in the near future.
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KARA said...

okay now my mouth is watering - must go try her new restaurant! I only "dabble" in reality TV but will try to catch an episode or two for sure! Especially since I can say she is a friend of a friend of mine! Celebrity by association is the best!

katrina said...

Hi Lolly,

I'm so glad you're a fan! I happen to market the show, and I would love to keep you up to date with the latest preview clips of upcoming episodes.

Let me know if you're interested. Reach me at katrinaa@wiredset.com.