Friday, August 14, 2009

A Recipe You HAVE To Try

I have started back keeping the girls this week since Jennifer and Lamar have gone back to school. Yesterday, I took the girls over to their house in the afternoon. It was maid day at my house and my rule is that I like to keep it clean for at least 24 hours.

As we were getting out of the car, Landrie told me about this salad that she wanted to make. I thought that was a little weird, because she wouldn't touch any salad. I got Karsyn down for a nap and then Landrie sat down with me and told me all about her salad. I got some paper and wrote the recipe down. She was as serious as she could be.

Come to find out, she had done the same thing to Jennifer the week before and she had gotten out a huge glass bowl and some of the ingredients. I told her we might need to wait a little bit and go to the store, and she assured me we had all the ingredients and proceeded to show me where they all were, including the huge glass bowl. So here it is, all in her words.

Pickle Peanut Butter Salad

2 batches of water
peanut butter
pickles (Mommy can throw them out if she doesn't like them)
cherry candy
bread (for the birds)
chili chips

You start by putting the chips in the bottom of the bowl.

And most important, she told me to be sure and take the recipe to my Book Club.

Oh, I love this girl!


Tricia York said...

Oh this is SO precious! What a sweet girl. I hope you were a good Lolly and tasted her salad! He he he! So cute!

Gigi2 said...

And, I would have made it just like she said! Did you make the salad? How precious is this! Such sweet time together.

Anonymous said...

definetly i wish to try your recipie........
good job...


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