Sunday, July 26, 2009

0 - 2

I have not posted about any new restaurants lately, because we have not been any place new that was worthy of writing about. I bought some gift certificates from this week and we decided to use a couple of them this weekend. Note to self - Don't try two new places in one weekend. Makes for a boring weekend restaurant wise.

I have chosen not to name the restaurants because they are both independently owned. Not that anyone is going to read my blog and not go.

Friday night we went to a Mexican restaurant in Flower Mound. The write up about it was so good. "Special spice blend", blah blah blah. That is exactly what it was. BLAH. When you eat Mexican food, you are going for flavor. Very bland!

Saturday night was even worse. I will not list the city because there are only 2 restaurants in the city. The first warning sign that is was going to be bad, was the parking lot. 8:00 p.m. on a Saturday night and it is empty. Next sign, you walk into the restaurant, and you smell cleaner and no food. Next sign, only one other table had customers. Next sign, there is something wrong with the AC and several people are standing around with buckets on chairs and draining the AC. Next sign, the menu is HUGE. There is no way that they can make all of this food fresh.

Pops had chicken fried steak. I had pork chops. The food was comparable to Denney's. No bread. No refills on drinks. Mac and cheese was terrible. How can you mess up Mac and cheese? I felt really sorry for the owner and employees. My suggestion - cut your loses now and close the doors. You don't have a chance. It was sad to me to think these people put their life savings into this place that will not succeed.

I always wonder why someone will move into a closed restaurant space and think they can succeed. The previous place had good food and good crowds, but was forced to close.

Oh well, I guess I just started my "diet" a little early. For the next seven days, I am trying the "cookie diet". I ordered the "special" cookies that you eat during the day and real food at night. Supposedly that is how the "Hollywood" skinny people lose weight. If not, all I have lost is satisfaction for a week and $60.


KARA said...

oooh - I have to know what the mexican food place was since FM is my neck of the woods. Send me an email if you don't want to give them the bad pub...I understand that but I also don't want the bad food! :)

Lolly said...

Ok, Kara, since you "begged" me, the Mexican restaurant was Agave.

Tricia York said...

Sorry about your crummy restaurant experiences. Hopefully your cookies will make up for it! ;)