Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We tried a new restaurant Saturday night. As many times as we have driven down McKinney Avenue, I had never seen Abacus before. It is on a section just north and just south of some of our regulars. A friend of ours works at Abacus and knows how much we love to try new restaurants. He let the marketing people know, and they hooked us up big time. Thanks!

First of all, the bread basket was so good. I was full after the bread! There we about 5 uniquely different breads. Some sweet, some cheesy, some spicy and some tangy. Delicious. I could live on bread and water (really Dr. Pepper), so it was nice to go to a restaurant with good bread. A lot of the nicer restaurants don't serve it anymore.

Abacus has a very unique menu. I decided I was going to go all out and try items that I usually wouldn't try. They have a full page sushi menu and that is where I started. I had the "Favorite Roll". I am hooked. It was delicious. It was tempura shrimp with cream cheese, avocado and snow crab. It has two different sauces on top that were sweet and spicy. I would go back and get just that. That is saying a lot for a girl that is "just not that into sushi".

Pops had the "Curly Spinach Salad with Crispy Serrano Ham and Cabrales Cheese Fritters with Warm Bacon Dressing". He said it was probably the best salad he had ever had. The contrast effect was great with the sweet dressing, tangy fritters and salty ham.

Pops had the rib eye and I had the "Port braised Kobe Short Rib". It was very tender and had a sweet glaze on top. Definitely on the top of my list of best short ribs. For dessert we had the "Blackberry Pop Tart" served warm with ice cream. Lets just say lots of flaky crust. I loved it.

Great meal and believe it or not, my favorite thing was the "Favorite Roll". Will definitely go back.

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