Monday, March 30, 2009

Ring Ceremony

Friday night was a special night. Pops, Landrie and I went to Abilene to attend the Ring Ceremony. The HSU Alumni Asociation gives all of the graduates a senior ring. They have a ceremony where they are presented.

Even thought we have had kids at HSU since 2000, this was our first time to be in the chapel. I have seen it from the outside many times and have always admired the stained glass window. It covers the entire front of the chapel.

The rings at HSU were designed just for their students. They have different landmarks from the campus and traditions on them. One tradition is that freshmen get beenies that they wear the first week around campus. Janelle and her friend Derrick are pictured here with the beenie.

Landrie and Janelle are with the bell. After you receive your ring, you walk across the stage and ring the bell. I got it on video, but it wasn't very good.

Janelle also has a job, YEAH!!! She is going to be a Nanny/Personal Assistant for a good friend. They are a wonderful family that she met at Fellowship Church about 5 years ago. They have two adorable children and are expecting their 3rd at the end of May. KC plays for the NFL in New York, so they have a house here and one in the NY/New Jersey area. They will be living up north during the season and here in the summer. We are very excited for Janelle.

We are one step closer to graduation.

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Derrick said...

It was so great to finally meet Janelle's "Lolly & Pops" I hear so many great things about your family. Janelle has been a blessing in my life and brought me closer to God.

Janelle said...

Thank you so much Lolly!!! I love you and Pops and am so greatful for the influence you have on me!!!

York Family said...

Oh that chapel brings back so many memories of good ole HSU! It is so beautiful. Braxton saw the picture on your blog and thought it was so "beautiful." I turned him around to see the picture of the chapel we have hanging above the door in our office. I guess he never noticed it. Too cool! FYI, we had the torture of wearing the beanies, but no benefit of fancy ring ceremonies - what's up with that??!!